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TE Connectivity BATTU Tubing | Tech Specs

June 21, 2021 by TTI, Inc

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TE Connectivity BATTU Tubing

When working with high power cables, there’s one thing you’ll never want to run out of -- insulation. And, with all the cable cutting, stripping, and crimping that goes on during vehicle installation and repair, heat shrink can be your best friend.

TE Connectivity’s BATTU dual-wall heat shrink tubing is ideal for battery or power cable-to-terminal applications in harsh environments. This adhesive-lined tubing is made from an irradiated polyolefin jacket with a thermoplastic adhesive inner wall that bonds to a variety of substrates, protecting from moisture ingress. The BATTU tubing is flame-retardant and can withstand sprays from common automotive fluids.

With excellent electrical isolation, the BATTU tubing can withstand operating temperatures up to 130o Celsius. Mechanically, this heat shrink offers abrasion resistance and protection from bending. With a 2:1 shrink ratio, this tubing can accommodate a wide variety of power cables. Finally, the BATTU heat shrink is available in four colors and six different cut lengths to help prevent splitting that might result from improper cutting on the plant floor.

  • ISO6722
  • Rated 600V with 19,700V/mm dielectric strength
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +130°C (-40°F to +266°F)
  • Sized for typical power cables (16-120mm2 [6AWG to 4/0AWG]) and terminals
  • Colors: Black, red, orange, and yellow are standard
  • Standard packaging: Cut pieces from 32 to 102mm long, as well as sticks that are 1.22m [4ft] long

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