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TE Connectivity MS5837

TE Connectivity's MS5837 is an ultra-small, gel-filled, 24-bit MEMS pressure sensor optimized for barometer and altimeter use in fitness and navigation devices.

The sensor uses a ceramic metal package that measures 3.3 millimeters square by 2.75 millimeters high, and in that package is the piezoresistive pressure sensor, a temperature sensor that can be used for thermal compensation of pressure measurements, a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC connected to both, PROM to store calibration data, and an I2C interface for communication with the host MCU

The sensor cavity is filled with a dielectric gel that protects the piezoresistive sensing element from moisture while still allowing for altitude resolution at sea level of 13 centimeters of air, and it’s designed to accommodate a 1.8 x 0.8 mm o-ring to seal against the final product’s enclosure.

The MS5837 allows engineers to balance between resolution and power consumption, with each conversion command including instructions for the oversampling ratio. This allows for resolution as high as 0.016 mbar and 0.002 degrees Celsius, or power consumption as low as 0.6 microamps while active and less than 0.1 microamps in standby.

The devices are factory calibrated and have 6 calibration coefficients stored in PROM. These can be read from the I2C interface and allow the designer to perform first or second order compensation of the measured pressure and temperature values.

The device also integrates an oscillator so all that’s needed to design it in is a decoupling cap and pull-up resistors for the SDA and SCL signals on the I2C interface. And for more information or to download datasheets for TE Connectivity's MS5837 ultra small pressure sensors, visit


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