Day 4: Keynote on Autonomous Robots Headlines a Day of Technical Resources

September 03, 2020 by Kate Smith

Ready for Day 4? Get excited because hundreds of pages of technical content and a Keynote on the future of autonomous robotics await you.

We've got a lot in store for you today for Day 4 of Industry Tech Days! Another 10 Live Sessions await you throughout the day along with a fantastic Keynote Session focusing on autonomous robotics that you won't want to miss. More on all of these below.

But first, here's a quick recap of yesterday in case you missed it. First off, we had a very out-of-the-ordinary Keynote Session—one all about autonomous racecars, as it so happens.

Our host extraordinaire, Dave Finch, was joined by the CEO of Roborace, Lucas di Grassi. Di Grassi has a recognizable face as a champion Formula E (i.e., electric) driver for Audi Sport and has been introducing new ideas to the motorsport world with Roborace's on not just electric racecars but autonomous ones. He was joined by the Chief Strategy Officer for Roborace, Bryn Balcombe, who provided unique insights into the technology in the Roborace vehicles. Balcombe in his own right has an impressive set of initiatives involving the responsible implementation of autonomous vehicles for better road safety.



This is such a unique Keynote that exposes some of the most important technologies and challenges facing autonomous vehilces in a truly thrilling application. I hope everyone takes the chance to check out the on-demand video here because it was truly a joy to watch.

Yesterday's Live Sessions are now available as on-demand presentations. You can find the full list in my article from yesterday or via the Live Session menu. I'll draw your attention in particular to "Develop ML Applications with the Glow Neural Network Compiler and TensorFlow Lite for i.MX RT Crossover MCUs" by NXP Semiconductors, which proved immensely popular, and our closing Live Session presented in partnership with Digi-Key, "Maximize Performance in Your Designs with eGaN® FETs and ICs," presented by Dr. Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC.

Yesterday also featured coverage of a new Microchip power module/gate driver duo just announced this week which highlights the use of SiC in transportation applications.

As always, you can filter the content for today by event track using the event content filters on our event navigation page. Don't forget that you can also peruse content by checking out the exhibitor booths of your most trusted companies, many of which have Live Chat functions available to help you get in touch with technical staff. You can find a list of which booths feature Live Chats on our Guide to Industry Tech Days page.


Day 4 Keynote: "Leveraging 5G, AI, and Heterogeneous Computing for Autonomous Robotics" 

By Dev Singh, Head of Autonomous Robotics, Drones and Intelligent Machines at Qualcomm

At noon Eastern, we'll welcome Dev Singh of Qualcomm as he chats with Dave about a topic that's increasingly important for machine learning, processing, motor control, and Industyr 4.0 all at once: industrial robotics.

In this session, Dev will talk about the difficulties facing this field and how designers can address them across applications that range from industrial robotics all the way to automated surgery for next-generation medical treatments.



Join this Keynote live at 12pm Eastern or catch up with the on-demand version later—both options will be available here.


Thursday's Live Sessions

Today's lineup has some extraordinary options for you, ranging from discussions about PoE to tutorials on better device security. Please note that all of the times listed below are for the Eastern time zone whereas the list of sessions on our navigation page will reflect time slots according to your timezone.

At each of these, we'll continue to draw a winner of a prize package, which includes a t-shirt, a soldering mat, and a dev board. If you miss the time slot for any of these live events, never fear. You'll be able to watch them on-demand shortly after the live recording concludes.

We hope you're enjoying Industry Tech Days as much as we are. See you out there.

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