Day 2: Today’s Industry Tech Days Lineup Headlined by Not One but Two NASA Astronauts

September 14, 2021 by Kate Smith

Day 2 of Industry Tech Days comes with not one but two NASA astronauts.

This year’s Industry Tech Days is already off to a great start! 

We’ve already heard some great feedback from you and look forward to sharing even more of what Industry Tech Days have to offer this week. 

Today’s lineup of events will host a plethora of content, so be sure to check out the event homepage, use the site search option, or go directly to a company's booth page on our virtual expo floor.


Keynote: “NASA Astronauts Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins Talk Engineering at 17,000 mph” by Victor J. Glover, Jr. and Michael Hopkins, NASA astronauts and engineers 

At 8 AM Eastern, wake up your brain for the day as Glover and Hopkins help you imagine what it’s like to walk in space. 



Daniel will talk with Glover and Hopkins about the technologies that are propelling space exploration and how important engineers are to making aerospace history. 

You can register for this Keynote here ahead of time.

If the time and date of this event (or any other event on the calendar) doesn't work for your schedule to attend live, don't forget that your registration will allow you to listen later when the recording is released as an on-demand video.


Tuesday’s Live Sessions

Here are the Live Sessions you'll see happening on the hour (the times below are for the Eastern time zone):

Remember, each Live Session you attend gives you another chance to become a lucky winner of one of our prize package giveaways, each with a custom ITD soldering mat and t-shirt!


Day 1 Highlights (in Case You Missed Them)

Our first Keynote speaker was Massimo Banzi, the Co-founder, CTO, and Chairman of Arduino. Banzi had a fantastic conversation with Daniel Bogdanoff, host of Industry Tech Days 2021, a longtime engineer, and also host of Season 3 of Moore’s Lobby, the All About Circuits podcast.

In the “Arduino Goes Pro: Disrupting the World of Automation” Keynote, Banzi highlighted how Arduino recently began making the change from the hobbyist bench to the factory floor by working toward producing affordable, scalable hardware for industrial automation applications. You can find the recording of this Keynote here.

Another Day 1 highlight was STMicroelectronics’ Live Session yesterday afternoon, “Next Wave of High-Volume, Low Power and Advanced Sensors for IoT, Industrial, and New Mobility Applications.” This Live Session had hundreds of registrants gather to hear Ernesto Manuel Cantone discuss how MEMS sensor innovation and technology can now detect all manner of ambient energy with the smallest of devices and utilize data in applications that can help us purview more, perform better, and stay safer. 

Industry Tech days are just getting started, so get ready for more extraordinary speakers, more expert technical information, and more giveaways.