ITD 2022 Day 1: Two Industry Leaders Shine a Light on the Electronics Design Industry

September 19, 2022 by Kimber Wymore

Today is the first day of Industry Tech Days 2022! Today's programming includes a keynote from executives from Digi-Key and Molex.

It's that time of year again! Welcome to Industry Tech Days 2022, our week-long virtual trade show and conference, presented in partnership with Digi-Key Electronics!

As virtual conferences become a new norm, we're excited to share our third annual all-virtual event, free for the entire community. At this year's conference, you can interact, right from your home or office, with industry leaders across a digital expo floor and attend Live Sessions.



Below we'll highlight today's events. If you have any issues finding your way around, please refer to our Guide to Industry Tech Days, which you can also find at the top of the homepage.


Keynote: "Bringing Design Order to a Chaotic World: Insights From Top Execs at Digi-Key and Molex" by Dave Doherty and Joe Nelligan

This morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, our first keynote speakers this week will be Dave Doherty, President and COO of Digi-Key Electronics, and Joe Nelligan, CEO of Molex.



In this keynote, learn some insights from these two industry leaders, namely, the results from their recent survey of design engineers.

Learn more and register for the event here. Even if you miss the live session, it's still worth registering to catch up with the on-demand recording.


Monday's Live Sessions

Here are the Live Sessions you'll see happening on the hour (the times below are for the Eastern Time Zone):

9:00 AM — "Bringing Design Order to a Chaotic World: Insights From Top Execs at Digi-Key and Molex" with Dave Doherty, President and COO of Digi-Key, and Joe Nelligan, CEO of Molex

10:00 AM — "Integration of Safety Related and Non-Safety Related Functionality on the Same HW (Mixed Criticality on a Single HW)" with congatec

11:00 AM — "World’s Smallest Dual-Channel Low-Side Gate Driver ICs" with Infineon Technologies

12:00 PM — "Pushing Quantum Computing Ahead with Classical Instrumentation" with Rohde and Schwarz

1:00 PM — "DIGI-KEY PRESENTS: A Versatile and Expandable Proof-of-Concept IoT Kit with Complete Communications Services" with Digi-Key and u-blox

2:00 PM — "ROHM’s Laser Diode and VCSEL Product Overview" with ROHM Semiconductor

3:00 PM — "Power over Ethernet, When a Switch is Not Enough" with Mouser Electronics and Microchip Technology

4:00 PM — "Addressing Noise Immunity Challenges of New Generation High Speed Automotive Data Architectures Using Ethernet and Power-Over-Coax (PoC)" with Eaton

1:30 AM — "Stretch Your Possibilities with Murata's UWB Technology Secure Ranging & Precision Sensing" with Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.


Remember that a new winner of a shiny new giveaway package will be announced at the end of each Live Session!

Also, don't worry if you miss an event you were looking forward to! Each event will be available on-demand throughout the week.


Event Content

This year's event also features on-demand videos, webinars, whitepapers, app notes, and new product information, all of which can be found through the homepage, category pages, and site search.

See you out there!