Day 4: Making the Transition from Science to Technology

September 16, 2021 by Kate Smith

Learn about the research being conducted on cutting-edge technologies and how these innovations are already changing the world.

Welcome back, one and all! Today, we enter Day 4 of Industry Tech Days 2021, and we have a packed day of excitement for you. In addition to a schedule of Live Sessions that will knock your socks off (more on that below), don't forget to check out the event navigation page to filter through all show content by date, event track, and company.


Keynote: "The Latest from the Lab: How IBM Research Is Inventing What’s Next" by Dr. Jeffrey Welser, VP of Exploratory Science and University Partnerships at IBM Research

This morning, we invite you to attend this Keynote Session from Dr. Jeffrey Welser, the Vice President of Exploratory Science and University Partnerships at IBM Research. IBM Research has been responsible for some of the most important research breakthroughs that impact the electronics industry, including this year's announcement of a working 2 nm chip. In this conversation with our Industry Tech Days host Daniel Bogdanoff, you'll hear Dr. Welser talk about what happens behind the scenes of milestones like this one and why research is so vitally important to pushing technology forward. 

It's hard to find an executive with this much insight into what's coming down the pike next, but you'll also be hard-pressed to find an engineer more genuinely excited to talk about the technologies shaping the future. If you'd like to start your day with a genuinely engrossing conversation about quantum computing, AI, and neuromorphic computing, this Keynote will be exactly your cup of tea.




Check out this session here.


Thursday's Live Sessions

Check out everything Day 4 has to off here (the times below are for the Eastern time zone):

Don't forget that you could be a winner of one of our many ITD 2021 prize package giveaways, each of which includes a custom ITD t-shirt and soldering mat. Every Live Session you attend increases your chances of being drawn.

Even if you can't make it to a live airing of a session, don't forget that you can still catch it on-demand later!


Yesterday's Highlights

Day 3's Keynote focused on an emerging market that is quickly gaining traction: autonomous semi-trucks for transportation infrastructure. Daniel had a conversation with Brandon Moak, the CTO and Co-Founder of Embark, a company that claimed the distinction of the first coast-to-coast autonomous trucking route in 2018. Since Moak and his Co-Founder/CEO launched Embark through Y Combinator in their early 20s, 

This conversation took a different look at the ubiquitous topic of autonomous vehicles while still covering the core technologies that engineers crave to learn about. You can watch this Keynote Session on-demand here.

There were some excellent Live Sessions aired, as well, including "Why MQTT-SN? An Exploration of the Power-Saving Advantages Of MQTT-SN in IoT Devices" with Lee Stacey and Nick Hayes from u-blox and "Hidden Pitfalls of Over Current Protection" with Ron Stull from CUI Inc. I also had some incredibly interesting conversations in our three Fireside Chats of the day, also available on-demand for your viewing convenience:

Momentum is going strong as we launch into Day 4 of Industry Tech Days 2021, so catch as much content as you can today! We'll see you out there.