ITD 2022 Day 3: AMD’s Low-power Guru Faces Power Challenges Head On

September 21, 2022 by Kimber Wymore

We're halfway through the week, which means we're halfway through Industry Tech Days 2022! Find out about today's Keynote speaker from AMD.

Welcome to Day 3 of Industry Tech Days 2022! It's the middle of the week, and the momentum keeps building as we begin another day of Live Sessions and industry content from experts worldwide.

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Keynote: "AMD Senior VP and Low-Power Guru, Samuel Naffziger, Addresses the Looming Electronics Power Challenge" by Samuel Naffziger

Today's Keynote is with Sam Naffziger, AMD Senior Vice President and Corporate Fellow, on his thoughts on addressing the explosive growth in compute-intensive workloads and electronics systems and how that can create instability and unsustainable energy use. 



Check out and register for this session here.


Wednesday's Live Sessions

We've had many Live Sessions already this week, and we're not even halfway done! Here's Day 3's lineup (the times below are for the Eastern Time Zone):

9:00 AM — "AMD Senior VP and Low-Power Guru, Samuel Naffziger, Addresses the Looming Electronics Power Challenge" with Sam Naffziger

10:00 AM — "Wi-SUN: Innovation for Smart Solutions" with ROHM Semiconductor

11:00 AM — "Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi: Battery Life Measured in Years" with Renesas Electronics

12:00 PM — "Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Building High Voltage Automotive Battery Management Systems" with Infineon Technologies

1:00 PM — "Practical Advice to Select the Right Plating Option for your Connector" with Samtec

2:00 PM — "Powering the Next Generation of Smart Homes with Sensors, Connectivity & Adaptor-Free Charging" with Power Integrations

3:00 PM — "DIGI-KEY PRESENTS: We Got Parts! Design Now for Chip Embedded DC-DC Power Modules by TDK" with TDK and Digi-Key

4:00 PM — "DIGI-KEY PRESENTS: Past, Present, and Future of Parts List Management" with Digi-Key


Adding to this week's fun, if you can come to the live premiere of a Live Session, you get the chance to be a lucky winner of one of our prize packages. Don't worry if you can't make it, you can catch up with the on-demand video later.


Tuesday's Highlights

Day 2's Keynote steered us into the future of autonomous driving thanks to Ryan McMichael from Zoox. To hear more about how the future of autonomous driving is impacting vehicles, especially their sensor systems, you can catch the on-demand version of this session here.

Aside from that Keynote, there were plenty of interesting Live Sessions available on demand this week. You can check out presentations like Rohde and Schwarz's "From Design to Real RF Device - Connecting EDA Simulation and Hardware Test" and how to "Protect your Electronics Assets from Intruders" by Eaton any time.

Even though it's the halfway mark of Industry Tech Days, don't worry, we still have much more to share between today and the end of the week. Also, we have a filtering system of our event content to help you navigate by conference track. Have fun!