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Analog Devices Silent Switcher 2 Regulators | Featured Product Spotlight

June 28, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Analog Devices LT8640S and LT8643S Silent Switcher 2 regulators are step-down regulators that offer a wide input voltage range in a small 24-lead 4mm x 4mm LQFN package commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.

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Silent Switcher 2 Regulators

Analog Devices LT8640S and LT8643S Silent Switcher 2 regulators are step-down regulators based on ADI’s second generation silent switcher architecture and offer a wide input voltage range in a small 24-lead 4mm x 4mm​ LQFN package commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.

The Silent Switcher 2 architecture employs high frequency switching to deliver high efficiency with minimal EMI.  It’s ideal for noise sensitive applications, including automotive and industrial power conversion. The architecture also eliminates PCB layout sensitivity, simplifying design while also providing ultralow radiated and conducted EMI on any PCB.  The regulators feature integrated bypass capacitors on VIN, boost, and internal regulator bypass pins. These bypass caps minimize fast AC current loop sizes for improved EMI.

This results in the LT8640S and LT8643S producing clean, low overshoot switching edges that result in very low EMI. The devices also support optional spread spectrum modulation to further reduce EMI. This allows designers to easily meet EMI requirements, including CISPR25 Class 5 radiated emissions limits. And since the regulators use a 4mm x 4mm LQFN-24 package, the resulting design is also compact.

The regulators switch at frequencies from 200 kHz to 3 MHz. This wide range allows designers to select a switching frequency that avoids sensitive frequencies in the application, such as AM radio in automotive applications. The regulators operate at up to 96% efficiency and support burst mode operation for light load efficiency. The LT8640S and LT8643S operate from a 3.4 to 42 V input and can output up to 6 A continuously and up to 7 A peak. They also can operate at a duty cycle up to 99%, which allows for a 100 mV dropout at 1 A output. A forced continuous mode improves transient response, while the LT8643S also uses external compensation for improved transient response and current sharing.

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