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Microsemi PolarFire Evaluation Kit | New Product Brief

October 06, 2017 by Mouser Electronics

Microsemi’s PolarFire Evaluation Kit is a high performance platform for high speed interface evaluation with the low power, cost-optimized PolarFire FPGAs.

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Microsemi’s PolarFire Evaluation Kit

Microsemi’s PolarFire Evaluation Kit is a high-performance platform for high-speed interface evaluation with the low power, cost-optimized PolarFire FPGAs. PolarFire FPGAs include up to 24 lanes of 12.7 Gbps transceivers, PCIe gen 2 blocks, high-speed IO fabric, and multiple security features and offers best-in-class standby power. The kit includes a 300k logic element PolarFire FPGA, SFP+, dual gigabit ethernet ports, 4 GB of DDR4, 2 GB of DDR3, SPI flash, and a high pin count FPGA mezzanine connector for expansion. SMA connectors are available for testing of a full-duplex 12.7 Gbps SerDes channel. The kit is ideal for evaluating the PolarFire in industrial automation, wired and cellular networks, security, imaging and video, and high speed I/O applications.

  • 300K LE PolarFire FPGA
    • Power management unit for 1 V or 1.05 V PolarFire FPGA core voltage
  • PCI Express (x4) Edge Connector
  • On-board power monitoring via SmartFusion FPGA
  • IEEE1588 PLL
  • 1-Year Libero Gold Software License included with kit

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