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Molex Squba Connector System

Squba is a 1.8 mm wire-to-wire connector system that offers IP67 sealing for up to 10 circuits in space-constrained applications, ensuring a reliable connection in wet and dusty environments. The connectors carry up to six amps of current, and not only do you get a tight pitch with Squba, but the housing is compact and features a low-profile positive latch to prevent it from snagging on wires and getting damaged. The IP67 seal is achieved with an interface ring seal and a terminal matte seal, both of which are protected to prevent damage to the seal during assembly, handling, and use. The housing seal caps also guide terminals during insertion to prevent them from puncturing the seal. All of this is designed into Molex Squba connectors to provide you with a reliable, sealed connector system that fits in crowded designs.

  • IP67 sealed wire-to-wire connector system
  • 1.80 mm pitch, 2 to 10 circuits
  • Rated for up to 6.0 A, up to 125 V
  • Low-profile positive latch prevents snagging
  • Seal caps protect seals during assembly, handling, shipping, and use
  • -40°C to +105°C operating temperature

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