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ON Semiconductor RSL10 Multi-Protocol System-in-Package

ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 Multi-Protocol Bluetooth® 5 SiP enables easy design integration of low-power wireless communication. The RSL10 SiP includes an onboard antenna, RSL10 radio SoC, and all necessary passives, and is fully certified. The RSL10 SoC includes an Arm Cortex-M3, a dual-core DSP, large memories, and it supports firmware over the air updates. The flexible RF front end supports Bluetooth low energy and other 2.4GHz protocols. The SiP also integrates high-efficiency regulators that allow operation from 1.1V to 3.3V to support various battery chemistries, and the device offers very low power consumption in active and sleep modes. The RSL10 is ideal for use in IoT edge nods, wearables, smart home, and energy harvesting applications.

  • Complete solution: Fully-integrated antenna, RSL10 radio SoC, passives
  • Fully certified: Bluetooth® 5, QDID, Declaration ID, FCC, CE, IC, MIC, KC
  • 384kB Flash, 76kB Program Memory, 88kB Data Memory
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4GHz proprietary/custom protocols
  • 1.1V to 3.3V Supply Range
  • High-efficiency active and sleep modes, with sleep current as low as 25nA

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