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Phoenix Contact Lever-Actuated PCB Connector

The LPC PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact offer a 7.62mm pitch with up to 6 positions rated at 41A and 1000V, and the LPCH series adds 6 signal contacts for up to 8A and 160V and eliminates the need for individual connectors.

The mating header meets the touch-proof requirements of UL 61800-5-1, making the LPC and LPCH series perfect for electric drive systems as well as industrial, telecom, automation, transportation, and other applications.

  • Tool-free, time-saving spring termination technology
  • Defined contact force ensures long-term contact stability
  • 7.62mm pitch
  • Power contacts: up to 6 positions, 41A/1000V
  • Signal contacts: 6 positions, 8A/160V (LPCH series only)
  • Mating headers meet IEC/UL 61800-5-1 touch-proof requirements

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