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TE Connectivity MultiGig RT Connectors 

MULTIGIG RT 2-S supports speeds in excess of 16 gigabits per second, while MULTIGIG RT 3 supports 25+ gigabits per second. The connectors use a proven quad redundant contact system that delivers optimum performance under extreme shock and vibration and has been optimized for signal integrity to drive the higher data rates.  

MULTIGIG RT 2-S and MULTIGIG RT 3 meet VITA 46 and 46.30 interface requirements, are backwards compatible with legacy VPX systems and can be customized to meet unique application requirements.

  • Lightweight, rugged, high-speed backplane connectors
  • MULTIGIG RT 2-S: 16+ Gbps
  • MULTIGIG RT 3: 25+ Gbps
  • Quad redundant contacts for optimum performance in shock and vibration
  • Backward compatibility with legacy VPX products
  • Customizable to meet unique application requirements

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