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Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors

Molex Easy-On FFC and FPC connectors are designed for tight packaging applications, with pitch as tight as 0.2 millimeters in low-profile, shallow-depth housing. They offer various easy-to-use actuator locking styles and a dual-contact design with moving terminals to ensure a reliable connection. They’re available with a wide variety of options, including zero- or low-insertion force, slider, flip actuators, and FPC-to-board styles, and grounding terminals enable high-speed, high-frequency signaling, such as LVDS. The combination of features makes it easy to correctly mate the connector while providing the high retention force needed to withstand exposure to shock and vibration.

  • 0.20mm to 2.00mm pitch
  • Right angle and Vertical orientations
  • ZIF, LIF, slider, flip actuator, and FPC-to-board styles
  • Various cable-tab and actuator-locking styles
  • Movable terminals for more secure contact retention
  • Grounding terminals to accommodate high-speed, high-frequency signals
  • 20N cable retention force

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