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Molex FAKRA RF Connectors

Making connections is an important part of life. But connections might be even more important in automotive electronics. The Molex Sealed FAKRA connector system is designed to make these connections and protect them with an IP69K rating. Sealed FAKRA connectors provide 50 Ω RF connections up to 6 GHz and can be used with either RG-174 coax for a small, flexible cable or RG-58 for its lower loss. This lets you use Sealed FAKRA to make a lot of different connections in and out of the vehicle, such as exterior cameras and antennas for GPS, cellular, and other radios. The system meets American USCAR and German FAKRA specifications, ensuring reliability in automotive applications and commercial vehicles. To make sure the right connections are made during assembly and maintenance, Sealed FAKRA uses color-coded and mechanically keyed shrouds, and it’s backward compatible with standard FAKRA series connectors.

  • IP69K rating
  • DC to 6 GHz, 50 Ω
  • Supports RG-174 or RG-58 coax
  • Meets USCAR and FAKRA specifications
  • Color coded and mechanically keyed to guide proper connection
  • Backwards compatible with standard FAKRA (sealing requires sealed plug and jack)

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