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TE Connectivity Jiffy Splice

TE Connectivity’s Jiffy Splice products for DEUTSCH contacts are unique, field-serviceable alternative to permanent splices and are used to quickly repair equipment on-site. They’re easy to install and unlike permanent splices, the Jiffy Splice houses a contact retention system to secure a pair of mated contacts in the cylindrical body made from the same silicone elastomer as DEUTSCH industrial connector seals and grommets.  

They’re available in two sizes, can accommodate wires from 12 to 20 AWG, and can carry current up to 25 amps. When properly wired and mated, the splices will withstand immersion under three feet of water without leakage or degradation of electrical performance.

  • Field serviceable in-line splices.
  • High quality, silicone elastomer.
  • Single cavity, available in two sizes.
  • Size 12: uses 12-14 AWG wire, 25A current rating.
  • Size 16: uses 14-20 AWG wire, 13A current rating.
  • Withstands 3ft water immersion.

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